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Che Guevara recognized as one of Time Magazine’s “icons of the 20th Century”
African Perspectives is pleased to announce the publication of The Che Gueara Reader with the Che Guevara Studies Centre, Havana and Ocean press.
THE Che Guevara Reader includes four sections:
·         The Cuban revolutionary war (1956-59)
·         The years in government (1959-65)
·         Guevara’s views on the major international struggles of

          the 1960’s
·         A new selection of letters
This is the most authoritative collection to date of Che’s work and is an unprecedented source of primary material on Cuba and Latin America. By presenting Che in his own words, this contributes to a better understanding of Che’s thought, allowing the reader to delve into his cultural depth, his incisiveness, his irony, his passion and his astute observations, that is to day, the living Che.
‘The powerful of the earth should take heed: deep inside that T-shirt where we have tried to trap him, the eyes of Che Guevara are still burning with impatience.’ Ariel Dorfman


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Letepe Maisela’s The EMPOWERED NATIVE  on Audio – dedicated to the generation of ‘76

Lerumo Sekhukhuni is a graduate of the Soweto Class of 1976. Exiled from his country as a teenage student activist, he endures continuous harassment and threats to his life by the apartheid South African police . He flee’s his country and goes into exile in neighboring Botswana and later, Zambia.

He is eventually offered a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering in Russia. On completion he is deployed by The Movement to work in their London office, where he holds a vigil waiting for the liberation of his country. Two years after the release of Nelson Mandela, Lerumo finally makes it home hoping to enjoy the freedom that his country had won from the apartheid regime.


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